Up Comming Events

Welcome to the “North Fulton” Amateur Radio Emergency Service group, let me tell you about the fun events that is upcoming for our group.

Atlanta Hamfest Booth-------------------------------------------------------------------June 03, 2017
Pick up the gadgets you need for your shack, learn more about ARES
Field Day, supporting North Fulton Amateur Radio League---------------------June 24-25, 2017
Two Day event of radio operating and show & tell of equipment
SANDY SPRINGS STARS & STRIPES CELEBRATION on Sunday---------- July 02, 2017
Support Sandy Spring Fire Dept during fireworks
Peachtree Road Race----------------------------------------------------------------------July 04, 2017
Provide radio communication at rest stops during the race
400 Hospitality Bike Ride------------------------------------------------------------------July 09, 2017
Provide radio communication at rest stops during the race, we need volunteers
North Fulton “Simulated Emergency Test”--------------------------------------------October 21, 2017
Simulated storm event and practice passing radio traffic, we need volunteers

We hope you will join us in the summer fun learn more about amateur radio and how to serve the public with you hobby.

PS: Don’t forget to join our North Fulton ARES Net every Sunday evening at 8:30 PM on the 147.060 Mhz (+)(100Hz) repeater. We have a phone check-in followed by digital check-in using Fldigi software MT63-2KL mode. It’s lots of fun and you learn a lot to boot.

Grant – KK4PCR
[email protected]